Electrician Tulsa l Content written for Electric City.

Are you tired of having to deal with pushy salesmen when you are just trying to get a simple
repair done on your home? Some Electricians are more salesmen than they are qualified
electricians. But don’t worry the Electrician Tulsa at Electric City are just that. Every electrician
we send to your home is a qualified electrician and will not try to sell you anything.
When you have an electrical problem and you call one of our Electrician Tulsa, every time you
are going to get a qualified electrician to come to your home or business and help solve your
problem. Maybe you have lights that are out and don’t know why or a breaker that keeps
tripping, or any other number of problems. Our electricians will come to you, diagnose the
problem and explain what they find. The will also tell your the pros and cons of each problem
and how to solve it. They will make recommendations, but ultimately the decision is your and
they will not start to fix a problem until they know what and how you want it to be fixed.
WE do not offer incentives as a company for the electrician who brings in the most money, or
pressure them to sell any products or upgrade electrical equipment that you don’t need. Our
electricians are simply there to fix your problem and explain in detail what needs to be done and
what they are going to do as well as how they fixed your problem when they are done. They are
always happy to answer questions and explain things to you. They are motivated by our
company to have superior customer service and to always put the customer first.
Electric City is also on call night or day. If you have an emergency after hours then we are on
call to help you out. We respond to all phone calls within 24 hours, many times within one hour.
We also have same day appointments available most of the time and will work with your
schedule to be as flexible as possible. If a job takes longer than anticipated then we will be
back the next day to finish or as your schedule allows.
We can also assure you that any Electrician Tulsa sent to you from Electric City is a safe and
reliable and honest person. We are careful who we hire because we take the safety of our
customers seriously. We do background checks as well as reference checks where possible.
Each Electrician is also trained to our personal business model and values before they are sent
out on any job. By hiring the best people we can find and making sure they are honest and
dependable, we are ensuring the well being of all our customers.
So if you don’t want a salesman as your electrician, and don’t want any hassle, try giving us a
call. We can’t wait to serve you and know that you will be satisfied with our electricians and
their work. Our customers keep us in business and we like to show how much we appreciate