Electrician Tulsa l Electricity for Your Cars
Content written for Electric City

Many people think that electric cars are the new future. They may be right. There is certainly a
strong case for them. Electrician Tulsa is invested in this new future and we are sufficiently
equipped to put in the correct power supply to charge the battery in your new electric car. There
are a lot of benefits to using an electric car, some of which include it is better for the
environment, and you spend a lot less money on gas for your car. The down size is that the
battery only lasts a certain amount of time before it need to be recharged again.
The most popular place for an outlet for an electric car is in the garage of course. It makes
sense to charge it there since most people keep their cars in the garage. It is also good for
incaltaminte weather as you don’t want to charge your car in the pouring rain, sleet, or snow, or
any wet moisture that has fallen. It is also a good idea to keep your battery in the garage and
out of the heat especially in hot places like here in Electrician Tulsa, where it is hot most of the
So naturally the best place to install an outlet for your electric car would be in the garage. Most
of the time this is relatively easy because we can come right in and tap into another electrical
source that is also located in the garage. Occasionally there is not power in the garage or
adding to another circuit would trip the breaker, so in these cases special adjustments must be
made, but not to worry it is still possible. Sometimes we have to run the wiring through the walls
or underground from a larger source in the house or close by. It is a little more difficult and a
little more expensive, but still a good investment if you have an electric car to charge.
Another idea would be to have a solar panel on your garage that would charge your car. It is
possible to have the solar power charging it most of the time, and then on days when there is
not as much sun, it could charge by the normal electrical outlet. This would save even more
money on your energy bill, although it would cost quite a bit more initially, but eventually would
probably pay for itself.
In circumstances where a garage is not available, some kind of covering would be ideal such a
covered parking lot or carport. This will at least keep the battery from getting wet or too hot.
You could charge a car outside with no covering you would just have to keep an eye on the
temperature of the battery and make sure that it doesn’t get wet. Electric cars are a good way
to save energy and lower your gas bill, while still not sacrificing too much in power, but there are
also some drawback in how long a battery can last.