Electrician Tulsa l Content written for Electric City.

Have you ever been in an Electrical emergency? Have you had an appliance malfunction
causing Electrician Tulsa damage, or possibly injury to someone? These situations can be very
dangerous , very scary, and potentially life threatening
Electricity is not something to play around with or take lightly. It does not take long for serious
damage to be done by electricity if it is misused or an appliance malfunctions. That is why it is
always important to know the proper steps to take should something like an electrical
emergency happen. If you are prepared and know how to react in such an emergency you can
prevent many potential electrical fires and possibly saves lives and keep people from getting
serious hamed.
The first thing you should do if an appliance malfunctions or is causing electrical harm is to
unplug the appliance. This will keep the appliance from receiving any more electricity and
causing further damage and harm. If there is a serious injury or harm come to someone you
should call 911. If there is an injured person get them to safety and make sure they are not at
further risk. You should keep the injured person still and lying down until help arrives.
After there is no further risk of injury to anyone, then, you should locate the main power
switchboard and turn it off as well to keep further risk of fire and danger from other appliances
and outlets that may be close the the malfunctioning one. This will significantly reduce the risk
of a possible electrical fire or more harm. After that you should stay away from all electrical
appliances and outlets. Call a professional Electrician Tulsa to come assist you.
It cannot be stressed enough that you should never try to solve the problem by yourself. You
need a professional to come inspect the damage to see if there is anymore potential for more
damage or fault appliance, outlets, or bad wiring. It only takes one misstep to seriously injure or
fatally wound someone, so there is not ever a reason why you should try to fix the problem
without having a qualified electrician there to help you. When you call Electric City, we will be
there quickly with all the help and knowledge that you need to get your home fixed and safe for
you and your family again.
At Electric City, we are on call for emergencies everyday 24 hours a day. If you call anytime
with a true emergency, we will be there as fast as we can whenever you need us. WE know
that electricity is very dangerous and the safety and the well being of our customers and
employees is our top priority. Not only will we respond very quickly, but we will continue our
pledge of being courteous and respectful even in the most stressful situations. It is our job to
make things safe again and it is a job that we take seriously and do not trust to anyone else but
a professional from Electric City.