Electrician Tulsa l Fluorescent Results With Your Lighting
Content written for Electric City

Many years ago when people built homes they often used fluorescent lighting for the majority of
their lights. This was the best lighting solutions of the day and it was very beneficial to most of
the households across america. But over time things changed. LED lighting was created and
invented and it was proven to be better lighting and way more efficient than the old fluorescent
lighting that was previously used. It was out with the old and in with the new in a manner of
speaking. Today new homes are almost always used LED lighting, but there are many many
older homes taht are still not up to date.
So why the delay of switching to LED lighting from your old fluorescent bulbs if LED lighting is
so much better and energy efficient? Well the answer is the cost of the initial switch. It does
take quite a bit of time to switch all the lights in a home to LED, and it also comes with a hefty
price tag that most people either cannot afford or are not willing to pay. It can be very difficult to
pay the cost right up front even though you know that eventually it will pay off and that the
money you save in energy costs will one day exceed the cost of the switchover. Still it doesn’t
mean that it is available or right for everyone right now.
However, if you are a little short on the cash the good news is that the government and some
states are offering rebates to those who will make the switch. It is more energy efficient and
also a greener solution to fluorescent lighting. With these helpful rebates, the time that it takes
to see your investment pay off is usually less than two years for the average size home in the
Electrician Tulsa or surrounding areas. That is not much time if your can fill out the rebate forms
correctly and get the money that is set aside by the government for this special program. It is
unclear how long the rebates will be available so if possible and you can get your funds
together, then the sooner the better before the grant runs out of time and money.
Once you have decided to go ahead with the switch over, give Electrician Tulsa a call and we
can walk you through the process before we get started. We will give you an accurate quote as
well as time table. We will answer any questions and do our best to make your feel relaxed
about the whole process. We have completed many projects in the Tulsa area both for
residential and large and small commercial buildings. The result is always pleasing and our
customers couldn’t be happier.
So whatever you need to do to get ready to have new amazing lighting right in your own home
or office do it. You will be amazed at the results and wonder how you ever loved with all taht old
outdated flourescent lighting in the first place.