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Content written for Electric City

Here at Electrician Tulsa, the owners and the employees are all dedicated to giving our
customers the best experience possible. In fact we think we have the best model of customer
service in Green Country, and we can prove it. Have you ever looked at our reviews online at
on our website? We are known for our great service and our customers are all right when they
say over and over again that they had a 5 star experience working with us. Have you ever
wondered how we do it time and time again, day after day? Well there are many ways in which
we exel and all of them together make us the best company around.
First of all we are local. Being loca is a big deal because that means that we can avoid
overhead charges and keep our fees minimal. We are not stuck with a price that we charge
regardless of the situation. Big franchise companies have a price for every series they perform
and it is not negotiable because they have to pay a franchise fee to their mother company. So
even if they fix multiple problems they cannot combine and give you discounts because they are
charged a fee for the service they perform. This is the most important reason that being local is
advantageous, but it is not the only thing that is good about being local.
Our owner is local and our employees are local too. This means that we are familiar with the
areand, the weather, the people. We know what products are quality for this area. Worried
about the part of town you live in? Well Electrician Tulsa has you covered. We can help keep
your safe and feeling greater peace of mind. We know that the people he just want good
service at a fair price and that is what we deliver.
We are always honest. From quotes to appointment, to payments and guaranteeing our work,
we are always honest. It is one of the things we pride ourselves on and one of the most
important qualities we look for in our employees. We do the work we say honestly and directly
and we do it for the price we say we will. When something unexpected comes up, we will
always tell you before we do any work so that you always have the option to opt out if you do
not want it done. We also do not overcharge like all of of companies who take advantage of
their customers who are not knowledgeable about electrical problems.
Customer service. We have it. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy
throughout the whole process from the initial call we are polite, we work around your schedule,
explain things throughout the way and answer any questions you might have. We only bill the
amount we said, and politely ask for a great review at the end. Taht is the secret to our