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Content written for Electric City

Are you in need of an Electrician Tulsa, but don’t know where to find one?  Are you overwhelmed by the number of electric companies around and don’t know who is reliable and trustworthy?  Are you just tired of not knowing who to call? Well look no further because Electric City is your one stop solution to all your electric needs.  We offer solutions to any and all your electric needs no matter how big or small. We will solve your electrical problems and give you the best care you deserve.

When searching for an Electrician Tulsa, the most important element is integrity.  Jeff Tilton and his crew at Electric City are trustworthy and always deliver honest services.  They are also very reliable and will keep you informed with all the information you need to know to feel comfortable and know that they are doing a great job.  You will no longer be kept in the dark about what services they are providing. They will literally light up your home and/or your business and keep you informed along the way.  They will happily answer any questions you might have.

Electric City is locally owned and they offer both residential and commercial services.  No job is too big or small for their expertise. They also offer free quotes and in home estimates to improve your home or business.  Their rates are always competitive and their prices on average are 30-50% lower than much larger companies in the area. When you call Electric city you know that you are going to get a knowledgeable, well trained, honest electrician who will go above and beyond the expected standard to ensure that the work is done correctly and the customer is completely and 100% satisfied. This requires extra time and effort by our technicians, but we at electric city feel that ensuring customer satisfaction is well worth the extra effort.

So why choose Electric City for all your electrical needs?  There are many reasons and the choice is simple. We offer the best services for competitive prices and often beat our competitors prices by large margins.  We are honest and dependable and our first priority to to keep our customers happy. When we start a job we will keep you informed and answer any questions you might have.  We are committed to fixing your electrical problems while not compromising the needs of our customers.

When in need of an electrician, don’t hesitate to call Electric City, the best electricians around.  Our Integrity and superior customer service sets us apart from all other competitors in Tulsa and surrounding areas. We also offer great pricing and reassurance that you will be completely satisfied with our work.  Our customers are our most important priority, and we will be glad to help you with any electric service you might need not matter how big or small. Put your mind at ease and call Electric City today. You won’t regret it!