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If you were to guess which appliance in your household use the most energy, what would you guess? At electrician Tulsa we feel it is helpful to let our customers know what appliances use the most energy, and how they can use them on off peak hours or sparingly so that they can save energy and money. Some of the appliances that you have in your home might use more energy than you think, and surprisingly, some of the ones you might have thought would not use very much energy or do use a lot of energy do not use very much at all in comparison.
The most energy used by an appliance would be an air conditioner. An air conditioner uses a lot of energy to cool down a home. Especially if it is a single unit trying to fool a large home, or a couple of units trying to cool down a very very large. Of course it will use more energy than mornings on so on those days that are very hot and humid, air conditioner is working all the time and is very expensive because it is using energy constantly.
The next Appliance in your home that is using the next most energy, that electrician Tulsa would like to tell you about, is your water heater. Water heaters use a lot of energy because they are constantly keeping a large amount of water very hot. Most of the time this water is not even being used, but it needs to be kept not so that when you turn your hot water on it is hot how you wanted. A solution to this for to be to get in on demand water heater what uses far less energy then hot water heater. However, if you do have a hot water heater that has a tank, just know that the larger the tank the more energy is constantly going to use
The next compliance that electrician Tulsa has on its list of energy using appliances is a refrigerator. This may come as a surprise to some people because refrigerators have become more and more energy efficient. However, they still use a lot of energy because of the size, they’re getting bigger and bigger, and because they are constantly having to keep things cold. Any appliances is constantly on all the time without a break is usually something that will use a lot of energy especially if it is heating or cooling something.
The 4th Appliance that use a lot of energy is in electrical dryer. Electrical dryer uses a lot of energy because it is producing a large amount of heat over an extended period of time. It is difficult to do laundry without a dryer these days because we have so many clothes. Hundreds of years ago each person had one or two pairs of clothes so laundry was very easy to get done. But today, every person in the household has many many clothes and so it is difficult to keep up if you do not have a washer and dryer. Dryers use a lot of energy.
We feel it is important to keep our customers informed on how to recognize which appliance uses the most energy, and how they can decrease the amount that they use this Appliance in there for energy use. This will save them money and be more friendly to our environment. We are always happy to help our customers make great decisions that will help them to keep money in their pocket and make the environment a little greener.