Content written for Electric City

If you were to spend a day at Electric City you would see many things that go on that you could see any day. But, if you spend today at electrician Tulsa, you might see a few things that you didn’t know that are crucial to how our business works. We have great employees some of which are electricians most of them are, and a couple of office workers. While our electricians are the backbone of our company and do most of the work, behind the scenes work is very important to.
In order to keep it business running properly and efficiently, you must have somebody who is able to keep track of the cash flow. For electrician Tulsa, this person is Andrea. Andrea does a great job of keeping track of money that goes out and money that comes in. This is important because without a good cash flow your business will soon fail miserably. To some people this might seem easy, but it is more complicated than you might think. Every job that is done requires equipment and supplies. It also requires billing and keeping track of how much a customer has paid. ThIs can be difficult because there are so many ways that people can pay . They can pay cash or check debit or credit card.  They can pay In full or partial payments. All of these transactions must be kept track of as well as all the billing that is required to be sent and collected.
All of these things are very important aND easily overlooked but at electrician Tulsa,  we make sure that those people who work behind the scenes are valued as an important part of our team.
Another team members who work behind the scenes are people who call all our customers to make sure that they had a great experience working with us and how we can improve their  experiences. Thus let’s people know that we are really interested in their opinions and that they can let us know if we could be better. Most people really enjoy this phone call a few days after our service for them so they get a chance to try out what ee have fixed and then let us know if something is wrong.

Just like any other company, it takes many people doing their job to make a company successful.  This company started out as a one man company, but quickly grew to more and more. Now the company is at a point it continues to grow and part of that growth comes from having great employees that serve our customers so that they continually come back to us every time. If we had employees that were not as great then our customers would not love us as much as we would not get as many repeating customers as we do now.  So a big thank you to all our loyal employees who work hard for us everyday.