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Nowadays Heating and Cooling central air have become a standard in newer Built Homes. But, at Electrician Tulsa, we I know that that is not the way it has always been. For example, before central heat and air there was radiators for heating where there was an individual Radiator in each room that was controlled by gas furnace to produce heat. The problem was that on the process a lot of he was lost and it was not very effective especially compared to the systems that we have today.
However, sometimes central air can also be more efficient than is meant. For example there is a code that says how many square feet should be put on a heating and cooling central air system. There are many houses who are just that size where they will put in one central air system, but really the house needs to. So in this case the central air system is always working harder than it needs to be eaten it still does not do the job that it should.
That is why it is important when you buy a home or build a home to find out how many central air systems your home has, and if your home is a large when you would need at least two possibly three. Some other options are to include a mini split in rooms that are not used as often or that are an attic space where insulation is not as good as it could be. Mini splits are a unit that only is designed to heat one area. Some of them are definitely large enough to heat a very large room. How it works is that has its own condenser and a single unit. The condenser goes outside just like a normal central air condenser, and the smaller unit goes on the inside just like you would see a vent. The difference is that the condenser is only powering one vent, and so it is very efficient. You set the temperature to accordingly what you want it to be and it will heat that room and nothing else.
This is efficient because you’re only eating the room you are using, and when you’re not and using it you can turn it off and it is not wasting energy. At electrician Tulsa, we would not be surprised if this is the new way to heat a home in the future. To have a thermostat in every room and to only use them the central air when you need it the most.  It can also me nice to have someone from electrician Tulsa come out ot your home and go over how it might be an improvement to have some changes made in your electrical needs to save you money and be more efficient while you are making those changes. Whatever your electrical needs are, we can help your determine how to make things better and more efficient.