Electrician Tulsa I Communication Skills are Vital for Success 

Content written for Electric City

There are many traits and qualities and skills desirable in employees. However, at electrician Tulsa, we have found that the most desirable skill at least in our field is good communication skills. The ability of someone to communicate clearly is very underrated. Especially in our line of work where we do a lot of work with customers, and with call in orders or changes in schedule. It is difficult 2 always know how somebody is feeling or saying through text or email, and sometimes it can even be confusing when you are talking on the phone and cannot see the person or their facial expressions or actions. It is easy to make mistakes based on their communication or lack of communication.

Electrician Tulsa many of our electricians go different places all over the surrounding Tulsa areas everyday. We depend on texts and phone calls to tell them where to go and what they are doing, and what equipment they might need. Sometimes when customers are not home or are not exactly how they said it would be it can be confusing if the communication is not clear. I can also be frustrating if you are not clear and communicating a location or equipment you need because if you get there and you’re in the wrong spot or have the wrong equipment, then you cannot fix the problem. This puts you behind in your schedule, and also upset the customer and results in a potential job loss of that particular customer.

Clear communication is the best way to get your point across. It is always important to put as much details as you can or emailing so that people can see exactly what you mean. When you were talking on the phone important that you speak clearly and in complete sentences so that you are heard and understood completely.

At electrician Tulsa we have had a few misunderstandings because of bad communication or a lack of communication in general. It is also important to tell your employees and your boss how you are feeling if there is a problem. If you let a problem Fester inside of you, then it gets worse and worse and it is more likely that you will have a blow up and that things will end up in a resulting in a bad situation. That is why you should always tell people how you are feeling and communicate clearly so that you can let those feelings of anger go and then they can help you if they can.

In the community of  Tulsa we really stressed clear communication to help our business and to help our customers communicate with us and make everyone happy and have our customers be happy with us.  This is so much easier if we can communicate with our customers so that they can understand what we are going to do and when we will be there to help them. Communications is a key to success.