Content written for Electric City

Any successful business person nose that running a business is full of compromises. Constantly, every day you are faced with difficult choices, questions, and compromises. One thing I electrician Tulsa that we have been very helpful running our business, is knowing when we can compromise, and when we will not. There are some things that we can compromise on, but there are other big issues that are important to us that we cannot compromise on.

An example of this would be our dedication and loyalty to customer service. Electrician Tulsa are dedicated to serving our customers to the best of our abilities. This means making their experience with us a positive one from the beginning to the end. It means follow-up phone calls, being punctual to in home or office visits, explaining the work that we have done and will continue to do for them, and also charging them the best rates around.

Why are we so dedicated to our customers? Because it is our customer satisfaction that keeps us running as a successful business. Our customers are satisfied they will call us back, and they will give referrals. That is what we thrive on. That is why we know that we cannot compromise are offices on customer service. We might be able to compromise in other areas but this is not one of them. Sometimes you might notice other companies who do compromise on their customer service. Maybe they do not return phone calls as often or as soon as they should. If this is the case customers will often times find somebody else to do the work for them maybe they do not stick with the price that they originally stated they would. Just makes a customer very angry very quickly and also the customer will not give future business or referrals if they are unhappy.

Some people are not punctual. Punctuality is off and overrated in this busy world. Most adults have day jobs and in order to get something fixed in their home they often times have to take work off to be at home when no service man comes to call. If you do not keep your appointments it is costing them a day’s work for nothing. They have to take time off, sometimes don’t get paid and if you don’t show then that is the ultimate insult. That is why we had electrician Tulsa drive to be on time and be punctual and always keep on customers informed on what is going on. Of course emergencies come up and things have to be rescheduled, but people are much more understanding if it is not continually happen and you make it up to them by trying your best to work around their schedules.

We electricians Tulsa feel like customer service is not something that we can compromise on. There are small things that we compromise on every day but this is just not one of them if you want to continue to decide school and have our customers be very happy with the great job that we do.