Content written for Electric City

Tip number 5 from electrician Tulsa for a safer holiday season is to be mindful of the electrical outlets you are using. If you are using an extension cord that add receptacles consider having one of our electrician technicians add more Outlets to your home. One of the most common causes of fires in the home are extension cords. And one of the most common times to use extension cords is during the holiday season when people are adding more decorations and more lights that need electrical access. Don’t overload your Outlets or extension cords.
Tip number 6 from electrician Tulsa, only use Electronics in dry areas. Avoid the use of any Electronics where they can possibly get wet. Does this mean you cannot put lights on your home because it might rain? The answer to that is no, but you do need to be careful that the lights you are using our outdoor lights that are made to be able to withstand outdoor weather. The same goes with extension cords. If you are using extension cords outside, then you have to make sure that you are using a durable outdoor weather extension cord. Otherwise it is not safe to have lights outside if it is going to be raining or snowing and they are exposed to the weather.
Tip number 7 from electrician Tulsa, everyone loves to listen to Christmas music during the holidays. These days it is so easy to have music playing wherever you go. We have it on our phones, tablets, computers, and smart speakers. Even Alexa loves to play music throughout the year. However, sometimes people fall asleep with their phone under their pillow or a tablet that got forgotten gets stuck under the blankets in the bed. It is not safe to leave these kind of devices wrapped up or smothered because they can quickly overheat and cause heat damage and possibly even a fire. So if you love to listen to music while you are falling asleep, remember to leave your device safely on a nightstand or windowsill where it is properly ventilated.
Tip number 8 make sure that you have smoke alarms in each bedroom or sleeping area and on every level including the basement also this is a good time of year to remember to test them and make sure they are working. Do you need a good gift idea? You should always make sure that your loved ones have smoke alarms. What better way to say I love you than to say I am thinking of your safety and want you to be safe in your home. A smoke alarm can be a great gift to someone who needs it.
Tip number 9 you are using a space heater or electric heater remember to turn it off when you go to bed. It only takes a second for a fire to start if a space heater is left unattended, or if something comes in close contact with it such as a blanket or curtains. Many people use space heaters to heat just one room while they are watching TV or laying in bed. They never think that the dog will come in and accidentally knock the heater over and within only a few seconds a fire has started without them even knowing. Always remember to turn off a heat Source before going to bed.
We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year and that you keep you and your family safe this year.