Content written for Electric City

Customer service is very important to any successful company that works with people on a regular basis.  It is very important to us at Electrician Tulsa too.  In fact, we make it a priority to treat our customers right and make sure that they are satisfied with whatever work we may have done.  It is also very important to us that we fix anything that went wrong if it is in our power.  There are many different ways and approaches to how you can do effective customer service, and our model is nothing new or fancy, but it is very effective.

Because Electrician Tulsa is a service based company the first thing that we try to do for our customers is to be available to them.  We always try to answer our phones whenever we can.  For example, our main number rings directly to our owner.  If he can take it at all possible he will.  If he can’t,  he is really good at responding quickly to his texts and voicemail.  This lets our customers know that they and their time is important to us.  There is nothing more frustrating than having a company that you want to help you with something but you can never get in touch with them because they either don’t answer their phones during business hours or they don’t return their messages.

Another thing that we do at Electrician Tulsa is to be prompt and flexible with our scheduling.  It you have an appointment we will be on time or within the given window, and if there is a rare emergency, we will call you every time.  If you need something fixed then we will fit your in our schedule as soon as we can.  You will not have to wait more than a couple of days in most cases and often we can get you in our schedule in one day or sometimes even the same day.  It is really something that we try hard at to be flexible and not have your customers wait weeks before we can help them.

Once the Electrician Tulsa electrician gets to your house and begins the service, you should feel very comfortable and know that you are in good hands.  All of our electricians are great and friendly but the one who does the majority of the house calls is our best; he will answer any questions and make sure that you are aware of what will be going on and how much it will cost.  You can also ask home any questions that you might have.

The point of good customer service is to keep our business growing and successful.  Without our customers we could not be an important electrician Tulsa company.  We understand the role that customers play and we try to do everything in our power to keep our customer’s needs coming first.  This will help us get the continual business that we need to support our company.