Content written for Electric City

There are all types of series and ideas when it comes to hiring people. Some people that’s strictly off resumes and past experience and skills. Some people go based off personality and character traits, while other employees still go off of word of mouth or recommendations from family member or friends. Electrician Tulsa, we like to use all of these methods when we are interviewing and hiring a new employee. Is important to try to get to know a person for their real self as much as you can in an interview. This can be hard to do which is why the questions that you asked are very important.

For example, it is very important to go through a resume with an employee. Ask any questions you might have about work that they have done, and experiences that they have put on their resume. Ask them to expound on things that you think might be helpful or do not understand. Double check their facts and dates to make sure that the experiences that they put on their resume are accurate and truthful.

It is also important to ask open-ended questions. This means you do not ask simple yes or no question to all of the time. This requires very little thinking if all they have to answer is yes or no. It means you are doing all of the Thinking by writing or asking the questions and only making them do a little bit of the work. At Electric City in Tulsa, we asked questions where they have to explain themselves or their experience is or what they would do in a certain situation. This gives us a good idea of decisions that they have made in the past, or how well they are able to critically think in pressure situations.

Another approach that we use is to tell the customer or the interview me about the job and let them do most of the talking but then figure out how they when do and feel about the job, how they could contribute and what maybe some of their weaknesses would be. It is important at electrician Tulsa that we always take notes so that we can remember the candidates and make the best decision at the end of the interview or whenever that decision needs to be made.

It is very important to us that electrician Tulsa that we hire the best employees that we can. This means that we do homework on our part by thoroughly going over candidates resume, asking open ended questions, letting them explain themselves and their situation, and always taking notes.  That way when you have to decide which person that you interviewed that you want to hire, you will have everything clear and you won’t make a mistake and hire the wrong person. Hiring the wrong people can be a very costly mistake that you don’t want to make if at all possible.