Content written for Electric City

A company needs to have a good reputation in order to be successful.  At Electrician Tulsa we are proud of the reputation that we have of being one of Tulsa’s primer Electrical companies.  It is important to know that we are trusted and liked by our customers.  This is not always easy to accomplish especially when your company is new and growing.  It is important that you are mindful of your reputation at all times especially when you are in the beginning stages of what you are trying to accomplish.  Your reputation with your first several customers is a great way to start your business off in the right way.

One of the best ways to build your company’s reputation and image is to ask your customers to take a few seconds and do a review for you.  Some of your customers will not be willing to do this and older customers may not know how, but you will be surprised at how quickly your electrician Tulsa repairs will add up as you continue to ask.  For example if you serve 20 customers a week and ask each of them to do a review, most of them won’t.  But there will always be one or their or maybe three that will give you a great review and if you keep asking each new customer, it will not take long for you to see how they add up.  Once you have a several good reviews it is important that you know to continue to ask all your customers.  It is important that you always have some reviews that are current so that people who are looking at reviews know that you are continually satisfying your customers and not just years ago.

Another good way to build your reputation is to keep your customers satisfied by having a flexible schedule.  It is usually a great inconvenience to your customer to have something not working in your home.  If you can fit your schedule during the same day they will be so happy and refer you to everyone you know.  It is definitely beneficial to be a flexible as possible to those people who call and need a repair at electrician Tulsa

Another great way that Electrician Tulsa keeps up with its great image and reputation is to always answer our phones and return calls as quickly as possible.  That is why our customers love us.  There is nothing more annoying or frustrating to a new customer than for them to not be able to get ahold of you when they need to.  There are several companies that lose customers simply because they cannot get in touch with the company.  IT is very difficult to do business with people or earn their trust if they feel like you are not going to get back in touch with them or unserious phone calls when they need to talk to you.  IT is always a good idea to be reachable as often as possible and to make you available.