Content written for Electric City

Family is very important to most electrician Tulsa people. It is no different for us at Electric City. We think of our employees and customers as part of our extended family. This means we want to keep you safe. Some people might be surprised that some of the most likely people to be harmed by an electrical shock or electrical energy, are those who are very young toddlers and young babies are especially at risk..

Young children and mobile babies are very curious by Nature. It is not uncommon for them to explore things by attempting to put them in their mouth or put their fingers in them or put other objects in them. You can see why this might be a potential problem at a home. Outlets are often very intriguing to young children and their curiosity compels them to find out more about them. They will often either put a small object inside the outlet, or try to lick it. This is very dangerous because of course there is live electrical energy within the outlet. If something comes in contact with it it can be very dangerous and harmful. I electrician Tulsa we want all of our customers children to be safe. That is why we recommend that each outlet is protected with extra safe power points. This can come in two forms of protection. The first one is a simple insert that goes inside the electrical outlet. It is made of plastic and is very difficult to remove. A young child and many older children cannot get it out. This prevents anything from getting inside the electrical outlet including liquid.

The next product we had recommend is to replace all of your lower electrical outlets within a child’s reach to be replaced with extra save power points these can be interchanged with the normal PowerPoint outlets and it prevents sharp objects. This protects the socket from foreign objects, and more importantly protects your child from being potentially harmed very seriously.

Another important safety issues is to only use outdoor grade electrical extension cords for your outdoor projects and purposes.  It is very difficult for people to understand why this is necessary so At Electrician Tulsa, we make it a point to explain it better.  Outdoor cords are made to withstand the elements such as extreme heat, and other weather conditions a lot better than the indoor grade versions. They are better made and will last longer than other.  They also often have a grounding on it which is also a good idea.

Safety is really a very important issue and dealing with electricity. Especially when you have young children around who are not aware of the dangers associated. It is up to us and those parents and capable adults to protect them from sometimes their own curiosity and make them safe especially within their own homes.  Safety is our most important priority and it shows.