Content written for Electric City

Electrical fires can be caused by many things. Electrical fires can be caused by problems with your home’s wiring system, and Appliance failure, or basic homeowner mistakes such as overloading an outlet using an extension cord underneath the carpet, or using a light bulb with a higher wattage than is recommended for a particular light fixture. At electrician Tulsa, we have seen all of these mistakes that can cause fires + many more.

The tricky thing about an electrical fire and what makes it so dangerous is because many people try to fight it with wire water, which is the wrong thing to do. Water conducts electricity so if you dump water on electrical fire it will actually caused the fire to spread wherever the water goes. If you ever have an electrical fire the proper steps are first of all, get a fire extinguisher or a heavy blanket to smother blind the flames. Once again you do not want to pour water on it. You also do not want to get a blanket that is flammable in the extreme. A fire extinguisher is your best bet but if it is unavailable then find some heavy a heavy blanket and quickly smother the flames.

Next you should unplug the device from the electrical source if you can do so safely. For example if something inside your microwave is on fire but to the cord and the outlet is not on fire and you can safely pull the cord out of the outlet which will minimize the fire and keep it from spreading in through the outlet and into the walls. If the cord or Outlet is on fire then you can attempt to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher or by smothering the Flames. If this is unsuccessful, do not attempt to unplug the device if it is Flaming. Also use extreme care when touching an outlet or extension cord that has been on fire it will be extremely hot. Enter the next thing to do would be to turn off the device from the main streets which if you can. This means that you find the power button that is usually located near the back of the device as an emergency shut off. If the devices engorged in Flames, then do not attempt to do this. You should immediately call for emergency help.

At electrician Tulsa we want you to be safe. Electrical fires are different than most other fires because your first reaction of dowsing them with water is the absolute wrong thing to do. If you are unsure of what to do you should always call in emergency for help and get all your family to safety. It is not worth it to try to save your home or an appliance if it means risking the life of someone you love or of yourself.

Electrician Tulsa that is a company dedicated to your safety and we want you 2 know what to do in case of an electrical emergency, and when you might be able to handle yourself and when you need to have professional help