Content written for Electric City

The most important part of our company electrician Tulsa, is our dedication to ethics and integrity. While we are very committed to being honest and fair to people, it is surprising how fast these values are not as important as they once were too many people. These days it seems like there are many companies and individuals concerned with mostly making money that they will often sacrifice their integrity and other ethics 2 make more money. At times they even so I can Feist the welfare of their customers and employees and put them behind the importance of making their business more financially stable or productive.

Electrician Tulsa, we promise to never lower our standards or compromise our integrity to make more money especially when the welfare of our customers is concerned. This is very bad customer service and we do not want any part of it. It is true that we have to make a profit in order to survive and continue to grow, but it will not be at the mercy of our customers for our employees. It is not always easy 2 keep such high standards. Especially in a world where you are oftentimes being taken advantage of by other people. It is difficult to have a company built on these principles when others do not. Sometimes customers do not know that they are being taken advantage of until it is too late. We try to be transparent and honest at all times.

We feel that one of the ways that we can continue and our transparency is to let you know exactly what we will be doing when we come to make a service call at your home or business. That is why we give you an estimate, and explain what is needed. We tell you the cost of the labor and the parts and answer any questions that you might have. Some of these things can be confusing so we welcome any questions that you might have. Conditional parts or labor are needed as we are fixing the problem, we will always stop and explain the situation to you before we proceed. After all it is your home or business and your money so we want you to make the decisions. We will be happy to explain and answer any questions along the way.

We also electrician Tulsa believe that every person should be treated fairly unequal. Regardless of race, gender, or any other differences. We believe everybody deserves our respect and our best work. If our customers or employees feel they have been treated unfairly we want to know about it. If our customers have been treated badly or unfairly, we want to make it right.

We also believe in treating our employees fairly. This includes encouraging their ideas and hang them based on their knowledge and performance. We do not hire people based on their race or gender. We solely based off their skill there experience and their background of their previous actions whether that is a background check or a combination of background check and previous work experience and recommendations.