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The holidays are such a fun time of year, and we love to celebrate them with our families at electrician Tulsa. We know you do too. Here are a few things to make sure that your holidays go smoothly and everyone is safe. First of all make sure when you start to decorate your home with your many decorations that you test each of them before you put them out. Make sure that they are all working correctly. Especially if they are using electricity. If there are lights flickering or damaged, it is necessary to either throw the decoration away or get the damage fixed. Broken or flickering light bulbs are a sign of something wrong with an electrical circuit. It is also dangerous especially if it comes in contact with a flammable material.

Next make sure you keep your battery stored safely in their packaging and Out Of Reach of anything that might be getting into them such as pets or small children, or excessive heat. Many people do not realize that batteries are dangerous because they seem to be protected by their casing. It is true, but even a small child or dog could puncture a battery if they really wanted to or if they had it long enough. That is why it is important to discard all batteries that are not good quickly and keep all batteries that are good in their proper packaging and away from children pets and Heat.

A great gift for your family or maybe your older parents or someone who might be concerned about would be for you to upgrade your Breakers and Outlets to a arc fault circuit interrupter. Studies have shown that over half of the electrical fires that occur every year could be prevented if people would upgrade all of their outlets and Breakers. Of course all of this work should be done by a qualified electrician Tulsa. We would be happy to come by and give you an estimate so that your home is safe and you have peace of mind.

Another great gift idea is to give someone a carbon monoxide detector hard wired right into their electrical system.  Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous gas taht does not have a smell so it is impossible to know if it is present unless you have a detector.  Each year there are many deaths and near death experiences because of carbon monoxide being released into your home unknowingly which can have deadly results.

Whatever gifts you decide to give just know that we are happy to help keep your family safe, we wish all of our customers  At electrician Tulsa we wish you a very merry Christmas and hope that you and your family will do the necessary things to keep yourself safe.  WE also want to thank you for a great year in 2018, and hope that we will do business with you in 2019 and in the years to come.