Content written for electric city

Most jobs have some risk of danger or help effects associated with them at least to a small degree. Being an electrician Tulsa has some risk associated with it. Of course the highest chance of you being hurt is by electrocution. Electrocution is very dangerous which is why ant is considered a little bit risky to be working with electricity.

However, in our job in the Tulsa area, we know that electricians are way more likely to be safe and have very few or zero accidents if they always follow the rules they have been taught concerning electricity. The first rule that we emphasize and stress over and over and over again to our employees that anytime they are working with a live electrical wire, they must always turn off the circuit. It doesn’t matter if it is a small job that will take 5 minutes or large dog that will take several days. You never know exactly when you can be electrocuted if you are look working with live wires. It only takes a fraction of a second to be electrocuted, which can often be fatal. So the number one rule that we always follow is never working with live wires, and always turning off the circuits.

Another risk that Electric City in Tulsa has come across is the fact that we usually work in hi or dangerous locations. For example we do lots of work with light switch are almost always located in ceilings, fans and other High places in the home where electricity is ran. This means that electricians are up on ladders very often. Sometimes on roofs or other dangerous areas. That is why we always make sure that our electricians are wearing a harness when they climb above a certain height, and why they are also wearing a protective hard hat in case something should fall on them.

Sometimes electricians are in danger because of Serious injury because they can be required to work with heavy equipment. The same rules apply, that if you are working with heavy equipment than you need to be trained on that equipment and have a knowledge of how it works so they do not injure yourselves or someone else. If we do a job electrician Tulsa that requires special equipment, we either hire a specialist to run the equipment or make sure we are trained ourselves.

Really the most important thing at Electric City in our business is keeping us and our customer safe. That is why we always follow the rules and the simple basic training that we have had for many years. In all of electrician Tulsa’s history we have never had an accident due to a safety issue. We are very proud of this fact and plan to continue it long-term.  Or course to maintain our safety streak we will still have to follow the basic safety rules that are required to keep all electricians safe and out of harm’s way.