Content written for Electric City

Have you ever stopped to consider all the ways that businesses and people use technology in their lives?  Most everyone has a phone, even young kids.  In fact the age that kids get phones becomes younger and younger all the time.  Most everyone also has a laptop, tablet, or some kind of device that is connected and accessible to many people and many sources of information.  At Electrician Tulsa, we are committed to using this great wealth of connectivity and knowledge to help our business in the modern world and take advantage of all that technology has to offer and improve the way that we do business.

The fist way that we use technology to improve the way we do business is simply by using our cell phones in Amy different ways.  It is great to be accessible to our customers and clients almost at any time.  Most of the time this is a great advantage and there are very few customers who have ever abuse this.  IT is also handy to be able to stay in constant contact with our technicians and other employees who are working together to make the business run smoothly.

It is also great to be able to be connected a source of information that can help so much with our daily work.  For example, at Electrician Tulsa, we depend on maps on our phone to get us to where we want to be quickly and efficiently.   If there is road construction or an accident our maps can reroute us and save us time and thus money.  If we are going to a remote part of the great Oklahoma country, we can really on our maps to get us there and find the right place.  That is such an advantage to what we would have previously had to do if we were not able to use all this technology.

Another thing that has been great for our business is the fact that we can use mobile devices such as tablets to do so much of our paperwork.  There are very few customers who actually want a paper receipt anymore.  Most people want us to email them their bill as well as their receipt.  This makes it so much easier for us because we don’t have to keep track of a million papers and agile them.  We can also keep track of them electronically and retrieve them whenever we need.

Another thing that has been very beneficial to us at Electrician Tulsa is the fact that we do so much of our scheduling and payments online.  When our Technicon’s want to look at their schedule they pull out their device and it will show them the schedule for the week.  When customers what to pay they can make a direct payment by credit card or check right on our website.  Technology is improving the way people do business all over the world, and we at Electrician Tulsa are taking full advantage of it.