Content written for Electric City

Most businesses thrive because of customers who keep coming back for their products or service time and time again.  At Electrician Tulsa, we are no different. We are very aware of our customers and those who use us time and time again.  The question is, How do you keep your customers so satisfied that they will alway use your service or product when they have a choice from so many options.  There are several ways, and these are the top three that we have learned about.

First of all, at Electrician Tulsa, we like to reward our customers.  We offer discounts to first time customers and give them a better price than all our competitors.  This is how we first try to get customers, but then after a customer has used our services, we try to step up our game by serving them even better.  One thing we do is that we call every customer who has a house call from us and try to get their feedback about their experience working with us. This is beneficial in a couple of ways.  First of all it gives them a chance to tell us if anything went wrong and if we need to fix something. IT also gives them a chance to tell us how we can serve them better. For us it tells us where we can improve and what people are liking about what we are doing.  Most customers really appreciate a personal phone call to make sure that everything went well.

Another thing that we have found helpful at Electrician Tulsa, is to use our customers products and services when we cna.  For example if one of our customers is an electrical supplier of electrical tools and products, it makes sense to use them as long as they are competitive with other sources.  This will build an even stronger relationship between your two companies and will probably lead to further referrals and business for you. YOu can also help them in the same way.

Another thing that can be beneficial to keeping customers is to tell them Thank you for choosing us.  There are almost always other options that they can choose so be sure to thank them for choosing Electrician ‘Tulsa.  Everyone appreciates a heartfelt thank you and will more likely remember your company if you are severable and polite.

There are so many ways to show customers that you appreciate them and want them to continually use your service or product.  The way that you treat a costner and the way that you go about serving them is a direct key to if they will keep coming back to you or find someone else.  If you follow these steps from Electrician Tulsa, then chances are good that you will be able to keep your customers for years to come, while continually adding new customers, which will keep your business growing quickly and securely all the while building great relationships.