Content written for Electric City

In the past several years many people have started replacing their old fluorescent bulbs with new and more energy-efficient LED lights. At electrician Tulsa we highly recommend LED lights over the old fluorescent lighting. We recommend LED lights for many reasons. First of all LED lights emit diodes rather than filament to produce light. This is a new technology that makes LED lights more efficient, last longer, and durable than any fluorescent light made in the past. They don’t burn out near as quickly and they also don’t get hot when you touch them so they are a lot safer.
An LED Christmas light is also a lot safer than the old fashioned Christmas lights. There are a lot of people who get really frustrated with Christmas lights because it seems like everytime you get them out another light has burned out and it is a headache to try and find out which light is burned out that is causing the host and to go bad. LED Christmas lights aren’t nearly as bad because they last up to 25% longer then other light bulbs, and they also use up to 75% less energy. They produce very little Heat even over an extended period of time so there is an even less risk of fire hazards.
A lot of people worry about putting up Christmas lights on plants or Christmas trees that are dried out because they are very flammable. With LED lights you do not have to worry near as much as you would with the old fluorescent lights about your Christmas tree catching on fire after a few weeks because it is so dry. LED lights are a lot safer and do not get very hot.
It is very highly unlikely that LED bulb will overheating cause a fire this is because LED light bulbs do not get hot to the touch or at least not near as hot as the regular old fluorescent lighting, halogen or other bulbs. So that is why we are electrician Tulsa recommend not only switching out all of your fluorescent bulbs to LED bulbs in the burn out, but also buying and using newer and safer LED Christmas lights for any of your holiday decorating needs whether it be inside or outside.
With all of the lighting and decorating that is going on over the holiday season, it is worth it to pay a little more for LED light bulbs to ensure longer life for the bulb, which means less headache for you. It is also more likely to give you a piece of mind that you’re LED lights will not overheat and cause a fire so that your family can be safe this holiday season. Merry Christmas from electrician Tulsa.  We hope that you and your family are safe and have the best and most safe Christmas that you can possibly have and we can’t wait to serve all our customers in the coming 2019 year.