Content written for Electric City

Many people underestimate the importance of your company name.  A name is the first impression that a customer has of your company.  At Electrician Tulsa we wanted our coasters to know that we were an Electrical company.  When they see our vans driving down the road we want them to know that we are a local electrical company that available to serve them.  The more they see us the more that we will stick in their head so that they will remember to call us whenever they need an electrian

Another important aspect to having a good name is that it needs to be memorable.  At electrician Tulsa is that we want it to stick in their heads and be memorable, but not too complicated.  You don’t want people to not call because they are not sure of what your name is or they aren’t even sure what you do.

Once people know your name and trust you then they are more likely to recommend you if they liked you and your service.  It is important that you are punctual and that you have good counter service so that they will not only lose you for every electrical job that you do, but they will also refer you to people that they like so that they will know you are a good working company.  All of these because you had a good name to begin with.

IT is also important to choose an unquiet name so that people will distinctly remember your company apart from other companies and so that the chance that another company will not take the same name as you.  It is possible especially in the same or city that if you have a generic company name that another company could use the same name even without knowing it.  That has happened to use before and so we learned our lesson the hard way with that particular thing.

We have since changed our name and feel like we are a better fit in Electrician Tulsa than before because now there is only one of our combines.  WE are the same company with a new name and it was not always an easy thing.  First of all you have to change your name on all for our company vehicles and other labels.  AT electrician Tulsa this took a while.  We also had to change our name on all of your taxable documents and let all of our customers know that we were now electrician Tulsa, same company, new Name.  It was a bit of a hassle but something that was necessary.

A name is your first impression.  AT electrician Tulsa, we are aware of how important a good company amen is.  We are aware that a name is the first and sometimes the only factor in how a customer decides where to go with their business and how they make a choice of who they are ageing to give the fist call too.