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Electrician Tulsa we see many electrical mistakes which are most often made by an unlicensed and untrained person trying to do electrical work themselves. This is never a good idea in any profession, but it can be especially dangerous with electricity because one small mistake can cause a serious injury or fatality. We always recommend that you have a license electrician come to do any electrical work around your home no matter how big or small it seems. You can never do be too careful when it comes to the safety of you and your family.

One of the most common mistakes we see it electrician Tulsa is when people make connections outside in electrical box. Electrical boxes are important and a connection should never be made outside of an electrical box. Electrical boxes give insulation and protection to the connections from the electricity into the house. That is why it’s important for all connections to be located in the same area and within the Box. If you have a connection outside the box you increase your risk for electrical shock, fire hazard, and also severe injuries. A licensed electrician would never put a connection outside of a box and if he did he should not be an electrician.

Another electrical Hazard that we see an electrician Tulsa is that sometimes people cut the wires too short. If a wire is cut too short, then it doesn’t reach far enough to the desired Outlet and this causes a break in the connection. This means that the electricity is conducted Through the Wire but has to jump a small space in order to make it to the outlet. The small space is a fire hazard because the electricity can also jump to other areas than where it is intended to go. This is caused by a wire that is cut too short and then it is tried to be stretched to where it needs to go which provides and unsafe circuit. This is also something that a licensed electrician should never do. It can also cause serious injuries and fire hazards.

Another thing we see at Tulsa is when people leave the plastic sheathed cable unprotected and have poor support for outlets and switches. Every outlet and light switch should have the recommended support. Occasionally and electrician will be lazy, or out of a certain part and will not give the support that Ballot or The Switch needs. This is a very big mistake what should never happen. Also if you leave a cable and protected it is also a fire hazard. These are two common mistakes that people sometimes make because they do not understand the seriousness of electricity. Electricians however have no excuse for these simple mistakes. If they are made it is because they are being lazy and not doing the job right.

When we are talking about Electric jobs, it is also important to know that you should always call a licensed electrician. Some of these small mistakes can be made by anyone and so it is important to get the job done right so that you and your family can be safe.