Content written for Electric City

When people see or hear about our company and they might think that we simply do Residential repair and small projects. This might be true with many smaller companies, but it is not for Electrician Tulsa. Sometimes to do a large electrical project you have to have special licenses and permits. This can teach her smaller companies from wanting to take on a project this big because they do not know how to obtain a license and permit do not want to bother with it. This is not true for us. We are very knowledgeable in what it takes to do very large project, and we have many years of experience.

Another reason why a company might not want to take on a large commercial projects, is they simply do not have the Manpower for it. Over the years we have steadily been hiring more and more electricians as we have expanded and this is not the case for us at electrician Tulsa. We have several electricians who are capable and knowledgeable and do a great job on our love commercial projects. There is not a electrical project that is too big for us. We have a a lot of experience with what’s on million dollar project so we have confidence that you can trust us to handle your large commercial or business venture.

Our owner has been doing large projects for several years and there’s more than qualified to oversee in a project you might have. He has over 35 years of electrical experience and also has completed several large electrical commercial projects that include beds, permits, and other licenses. We are not daunted by the large amount of work and organization that goes into such large projects. In fact, we try and we do large projects because we are very well organized and have a very good system of how to make things turn out right and keep on schedule.

Or some large companies needing cert lexical service, that might be worrisome to think that a project would be put on hold if other things are conflicting. That has never been a problem at electrician Tulsa. We are very scheduled and organized and do not take on more than we can handle. We are very aware of our customers, and the projects that we are under contract to finish. We will not over book our schedule to make things too crazy and we will not have customers waiting on us to finish projects. We will always do a great job and finished before you take on more than we can handle.

So do not think that you have to have a big brand name company who is more expensive than others do to your large electrical projects. We are more qualified and certainly more capable than any of those big companies who hire electricians with not the necessary requirements. We are a local company and no they permits and laws very well so you don’t have to worry about us not being able to finish or having the right permit we are very capable I want you to give us a chance with your large commercial project and see the difference that can make when you have outstanding customer service and well qualified electricians.