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Content written for Electric City

We are Electrician Tulsa go on a lot of service calls. One of the most common questions we get from customers is how often should I have my electrical system especially the wiring checked? That is a very good question and it all depends on several different factors such as what kind of wiring was used and how old was your home.

Foremost homes an electrical inspection should be conducted every 5 years. If it is an older home that you have just purchased it should probably be checked out 3 year every 3 years. It is always a good idea to have the electrical system inspected before you buy a home. Most wiring that is used  is copper wiring and should be able to last for the life of the home. However it is usually not the wiring that is the actual problem. Sometimes it is the connection

Or the way that it is wired it is not making a proper connection.

In most cases a simple fixes needed for the wiring. Often it is just one line that needs to be replaced however, there are cases especially in older homes when the whole house needs to be rewired. This means that the old electrical system is not functioning properly and it is not being efficient. So it is necessary to take out all the old wiring and replace it with new and updated versions. This can be quite expensive depending on the kind of wiring that was used the location of the wiring and also the size of the house.

The bigger your house more expensive if you’re obviously busy. You will need more equipment and supplies and it will also take longer to do. Older homes can be tricky to because the wiring is not always done properly. Inspections in the old days were not near as hard to pass as they are now. They were very picky these days about how the wire needs to be done however that is not always the case that 50 years ago. If you have a older home and it’s be electrician cut corners or put wiring diagram hard-to-reach or odd places then it will be more money because the technician  will take longer to get to it and to rewire it.

The Electrician Tulsa system in your home is very important. So many appliances and other things that you depend on get there power from electricity. It is important that you keep it looking and in good order so that it is not neglected and then a large repair is needed to be made. Enter it is just like anything else preventative maintenance can save you a lot down the road. If an electrician sees that one Outlet is bad it is easy to replace it, but it takes a lot of work to replace everything so it is best to keep your electrician coming about every five years to make sure everything is kept in it order.