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Many people across the United States and the world are starting to be concerned with the effects of energy production on our environment. At electrician Tulsa one of the most common questions we get is how can we conserve our energy or be more energy efficient? This is a great question because in most homes there are many ways that you can save. And the greatest thing is that being more conservative with energy use also will save you money in the long run

Number one way to conserve on your energy use is to find out if your electrical source company has a power Savings Program. This means that at certain times during the day energy is less expensive than at other times of the day. For example a peak-hour is when the most energy is used. So he’s ours are usually in the morning or in the evening when most people are home from work and using their electricity and appliances. So off peak hours would be those hours during the day that not as many people are using energy. So if you are able to use more energy during off-peak hours, you are conserving on energy as well as saving yourself money.

Another thing that most people do not realize that can save them a lot of money and also conserve energy is to change your light bulbs. Most people who live in a house older than 10 years probably have light bulbs that are fluorescent or other light bulbs. It is important that you update you were light bulbs to LED light. These light bulbs are more expensive when you buy them, but they often last 10 times longer than any other light bulb. That is why it’s important that you switch your light bulbs out. You do not necessarily have to go buy a brand new light bulbs for your existing lights that are working however, it is a good idea for you 2 start replacing burned-out light bulbs with LED lighting and eventually all of your life books will be replaced. You will be amazed at the difference in your electrical bill, and how frequently you have to replace your light bulbs.

Another simple thing that you can do to help conserve energy and money well not spending a lot of money is to buy smart power strips. We at Electrician Tulsa see a smart power strip is something that uses less energy when it can. For example if you are using your computer or a device that is plugged in you have all of the energy you need, but do not currently use the computer then it will automatically switch into a lower mode of electrical use. This ensures that you will only use energy your name and it will conserve the energy you do not need.

It is always a good idea to be mindful of Nature and trying to tease as least amount of energy as possible. At electrician Tulsa we are very conservative ourselves and try to recommend all of these things to our customers. These three things are very simple things to do, and do not cost much money at all. And the great thing is is that you can do all of these things by yourself without even calling a certified electrician.