Content written for Electric City

Part of our successful company at electrician Tulsa has been based on our growth. As we have continued to grow and expand, we have needed to hire more and more people. Hiring people can sometimes be a little scary and risky. You can’t get a good feel for what a person is like in an interview but of course how many people know how to do a good interview even if they are not necessarily good employees.

At electrician Tulsa we have been fortunate to have mostly great employees. Our employees are hard-working, honest, and very capable of doing their jobs. Occasionally, it is necessary to take action against one of our employees who is not doing the job they are supposed to. This is a very difficult thing to do, because you want to be able to help people out and in many cases when you hire employees you are also the means of supporting their family. However, if you do not take disciplinary action when needed then you are other employees will not respect you, and more and more of your employees will start to underperform.

At electrician Tulsa we have also learned it is important not to take too harsh of action. It is important that you make sure that the punishment fits the crime. This is not always easy, but most people will change what they’re doing if they have a warning or too. However, is not enough to keep giving warning after warning. It’s the behavior does not changed and it becomes necessary to terminate the employee no matter the consequences. By leaving a bad employee new company there’s like reading a disease to everyone in the company.

Although employees are very part of our business at Electric City in Tulsa we  know that sometimes action must be taken to change or correct behavior and in small cases must even be terminated. It is not worth the risk of that one employee dragging down other employees in your whole company so as hard as it may be, it is necessary. Then you can move on and continue to grow as opposed to being weighed down by negativity.

The overall environment of your company and your employees can really say a lot about you to your customers.  If there is negative feelings or employees with a bad attitude then your customers will know that something is not right and they will be more likely to use one of your competitors the next time the need an electrical service.  That is why it is so important to have unity in your company so that you can make sure that you are giving your customers the best support they can have and desire. If everything is going well within the business then customers are more likely to sense that and they will be more satisfied with the work that your employees are doing and be more likely to keep using and referring your company.