Content written for Electric City

Safety is important for every company but especially for electrical companies like Electrician Tulsa.  Electricity is so dangerous that is can be deadly and/or cause serious complications.  The scary thing is that it only takes one time for you’re to make a deadly mistake.  Sometimes you don’t always get warnings or reminders to be safe.  It is so important that our employees and technicians always keep all the safety rules so that everyone is safe all the time.  We can never be too careful.

One thing that we are very proud of an Electrician Tulsa is that we have never had an on the job accident that is because of safety issues or neglect.  This is a very important statistic for us because we are using electricity which is very powerful every day.  We are dealing with it in one way or another every time we fix a light, bad wire, appliance, or replace a fan.  We are using it when we install new fans, run electrical work for a remodel, or install an electrical system for the first time in a new home.

One of the reasons that we have such a good safety record is because we stress it more than anything else.  It is important that our electrician Tulsa technicians follow the safety rules not only to keep them safe, but to keep our customers safe.  If our technicians are not practicing the correct safety measures, then they are endangering their own lives as well as the lives of our customers.  This is something that our employees are all aware of and they make a special priority to be safe and it has resulted in this meticulous record for our company and customers.

One of the most expensive things about being an electrician Tulsa company is the fact that you have to have special licensing and insurance to cover any possible actions that occur.  The longer that we go accident free, then we get a discount on that insurance that we have to have.  It is significantly cheaper for every year that you are accident free.  When we have those kinds of savings we are also able to pass them on to you by not charging as much as we would have to because we are paying higher insurance rates due to accidents or carelessness.  That is another benefit to having a clean safety record.

Of course the most important reason that we stress safety so much is that we would hate for anything to happen to one of our customers or employees while they are on the job.  Every bit of money and time that we put into extra safety training is worth it in the long run because we are keeping everyone safe.  Our employees and workers and customers are like family to us.  We care about their safety and their wellbeing.  We want everyone to be safe and stay safe so that we can continue to provide superior service for Tulsa and the surrounding areas.