Electrician Tulsa I The New Way of Business

Content written for Electric City

Have you ever thought about the difference in companies and workforces in just the last 15 years? Many companies have the same integrity and worth work ethic, but there are also many differences. The way we do business overall across the whole world has changed dramatically. This in a large part is due to the internet. Electrician Tulsa is keeping up with the change and we do many of our services and contacts involving internet sore somehow.

One of the greatest tools that we take advantage of is the power of a website for our company. Like most companies these days we have our own website. This is where people and potential customers can go and read about us. They can find out what started our company, our values, the services we offer, discounts and prices, and many other things. It is very helpful to us and Them. Perhaps one of the most helpful things is the fact that we ask our customers who have previously used us to serve them to leave a review. This lets other potential customers read what real customers had to say about us and our work. That way they have a good idea of what we do and how satisfied people are before they even call us at Electrician Tulsa.

Another helpful thing that we can do is to Bill you electronically and accept electronic payments. There will always be people who prefer to use cash or write a check. But the mainstream and the majority of our customers prefer to pay electronically. It is nice that we can swipe their card right then and there and give them a receipt and then they do not have to worry about when or if a check was cashed or when the bill is due. We can also send an electronic bill for those who like to received their bill by email. Many people prefer email because they can keep it in their inbox and not have to have a paper receipt or copy. This is also easier for us as we do not have to write anything out and we are also saving on paper.

We also use internet to find locations of our customers quickly and accurately. It takes us a lot less time to get to different places because we know exactly where it is and how to get there thanks to Google Maps. We are able to schedule more appointments because we know approximately how long it will take us to get there and how far away our next appointment is. This is a great time saver for us and also our customers as we can give them a more accurate time of when we will be there so they do not have to have such a big window of when they have to be home waiting for us to come. We also use internet for scheduling purposes and for keeping track of our customers and the work that we had performed for them so that if they have a question we can always go back and look at what we have done and what questions they need answer answered we have records for them.