Being a manager and being responsible for other employees can be a very difficult thing.  Sometimes you feel pressure to live up to certain expectations that you might feel or stressed if things at work are not going well.  There is also a perceived pressure of setting a good example for your employees and the pressure that comes along with that whether or not from your employees or just yourself.  You have extra responsibilities and are also in charge of making sure your employees are doing their jobs correctly and sometimes you even have to discipline employees or even fire them if they are not doing the job that you need them to do.  At Electrician Tulsa we are always on the lookout for people who will be good managers and can relate to people in a way that will be helpful and motivating.

One of the hardest things for our Electrician Tulsa managers is the responsibility that they have to discipline their co-workers or employees.  That is a tough situation because no one likes to be certified or told that they are not doing a good job, but it is very necessary if you want your employees to work hard for you.  If your employees know that they are going to answer for any work that they do whether it is good or bad they are more likely to give more effort.  They need to know that they are accountable or else they will take advantage of your company by not giving very much effort.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of the manger to discipline or fire employees when it is needed.

Sometimes supervisors or managers feel a lot of pressure to be perfect or close to it.  A lot of the time they perceive this pressure because they want to be a good example to those that are being managed by them.  However, at Electrician Tulsa, we have found that employees usually don’t expect them to be perfect, and they relate more to them when they are not.  Most of the times this pressure is just perceived by them and not actually coming from their employees or higher management at all.  That is why it is important to find someone who is self-motivated and works well under pressure, but does not have unreal expectations for him or anyone else.

Being a “Boss”, manger, or owner is not an easy thing.  At Electrician Tulsa we have learned that it is best to find individuals who are down to earth and good at their jobs, but don’t let a tittle get in the way of what they do or how they treat other people.  It is difficult for some people to take on the responsibility of managing other people even if they are very smart and good at their job.  Being “in charge” of other people at work also takes good people skills and individuals who are motivated by deadlines and complex situations.

Content written for Electric City