Electrician Tulsa I What’s in a Name

Content written for Electric City

When Electrician Tulsa first started our company several years ago we began with the name AJ Electric. This name came about from the name of our owners. It was a great name and was a also a very successful business.

After a while it came to our knowledge that there was another electrician Tulsa company that had the same name AJ Electric. At this point we didn’t worry too much about it but kept working hard and continuing to make our name better so that more people would recognize us and continue to give us their business.

After a while, we realize that some of our customers were getting confused. They would call the wrong AJ electric and expect us to come and somebody else would come. Some of the time they would not even know that we were not associated. This was a problem for us because we stand behind our work and take responsibility for it. So we did not want somebody else to doing work and our customers thinking it was us because it might not be great work. As this begin to happen more and more frequently we realized that the best solution was to change our name.

This did not come easily to us because we had worked so hard to build up the name AJ electric and it was very successful. Our customers really liked us and continue to give us their business, but we were in the agreement that changing our name would keep us apart from other companies so that we could take responsibility for our own work and that customers would know that we were the best around and that when they called for us then that is what they would get.

There was of course a few drawbacks. It is hard to tell all of your customers that you are changing your name but that the company is the same. Many people assume that because you are changing name there is new ownership or something like that. That might lead to a little bit of distressed or questioning if you are the same company with the same work ethic and values that they had come to expect and appreciate. It took us some time to get the word out that we had only changed due to a another company that was called the same thing. But that we were under the same ownership and that we were the same Ray company who wanted the business of our customers.

Of course is impossible to reach all of our customers and tell them that we have changed. We have tried to make our website accessible by AJ electric and Electric City so that either one you type up it will come up with our company and it will let our customers know the change and why it was necessary. Even after all our hard work and careful calculating., we are certainly glad that we made the change because we think it has improved our overall company image by not getting us confused with other electrical companies in the electrician Tulsa area. Although it was hard we still think it was the right move and we will continue to make Electric City the best company around.