Electrician Tulsa l Keeping You Updated

Do you live in an older home or work from an old building?  Are you in need of Electrician Tulsa updates? Do you realize that your outdated electric system could be energy inefficient?  Having old outdated electrical systems could make you use more energy which will cost you more money over time. Old electrical systems could also be unsafe if they are not functioning properly.  It is always a good idea to call a pro from Electric City to come give your current electrical system a thural inspection.

At Electric City, which is locally owned and operated, we offer free in home estimates where we can come take a look at any electrical need.  We can solve any electrical problem and also make recommendations on how to improve your electrical energy use or how to make your home or business more energy efficient.  By doing an inspection we can also prevent possible electrical problems which will save you from dealing with more issues in the future. As always we promise great customer service and guarantee that our customers are our number one priority.  

There are many electrical problems that could potentially go wrong in an older home or business.  Perhaps your lighting is not very good. We can easily update your lights with LED lighting which will save you money and give more light.  Maybe you would like fans installed to help cool down your home. We can quickly install ceiling fans which can help cool you down as well as add to your overall look.  If your home or business has the original electrical panel you might also need a panel change out. Many of the old panels are unsafe. They can be a fire hazard especially if they are located in a closet next to flammable materials.   All of these potential electrical problems can easily be fixed by our electricians and will make your residence safer and and more efficient.

There are many electricians throughout Tulsa and the surrounding areas, so why choose Electrician Tulsa electricians over the others?  Well at Electric City, we offer the best quality service for the best prices. We offer personalized quotes and guarantee that the work will be done by a licensed electrician.  We pride ourselves in our customer service and strive to make each customer happy. We thrive on our customers positive feedback and center our business around making sure that we get the job done right the first time and that our customers are 100% satisfied.  

So if you are in need of electrical updates like lighting, new panel, or fan installs the electricians at Electric City are more than happy to help. Don’t live with potentially unsafe old electrical panels and wiring.   If you want professional service and competitive prices give us at Electric City a call. If you want to have the most positive experience while not sacrificing quality work we are ready to make your next in home electrical experience the best it can be.