Electrician Tulsa l On Top

Content written for electric city

Have you ever wondered why some companies continually outperformed and out maneuver other companies? From an electrician Tulsa standpoint we can tell you what it takes to get to the top and stay on the top. Our company started as a one-man electrician and worked its way up to what it is today. We have always been a local company serving the electrician Tulsa area. We love it here we love the customers, the area, and the great community that exists here.

The Tulsa area is such a growing and friendly feeling environment and Metropolis. We knew it was a great place to start and Electric Company. But we still had to start small. It all started with the owner Jeff Tilton who started doing electrical services in Tulsa around 2011. His good work, honesty, and prompt service quickly made him one of the top electricians. Soon he was busier than he could Handle on his own so he started hiring other qualified electricians to help him out.

One of the most important things to the owner was that all his employees had the same core values that he did. He values honesty above all. He is honest with his employees and his customers, and demands and expects that his employees will treat the customers the same way he does. Always being honest and open about all services and repairs. Not trying to get more money out of customers or cheat them because they are not knowledgeable in the field of electric energy.

He also values hard work. He works up early every morning to start the day and often finishes late into the evening. While he does not expect the same hours from his employees he does expect A Hard Day’s Work whatever hours they may be working. He expects them to get the job done quickly and. And efficiently especially when they are on the customers clock meaning that the customer is paying them by the hour so they should get the work done and not be slow so as to cause the customer to pay more money. Not to rush through the work and do a poor job but to do a good job in a fair amount of time.

Hard work is also a value that is a must in any of our employees at electrician Tulsa. Like our owner they are expected to work hard and do the job right the first time. They are give in farepay for the work that they do and so it is only right that they completed to the best of their ability and in a timely manner. Another value that our company has is a great emphasis on customer service. After all it is our customers who make it possible for us to be a successful company. We appreciate our customers and hope that they no that they can trust us and that we can help them with any electrical service that they might need to better their lives. We want our spirit experience with each of our customers to be positive and that they would recommend us to anyone they met who needed an electrician. That is the kind of company we are and that is the kind of company that is successful and abel to remain successful throughout time and for many many years.