Electrician Tulsa l Only the Best

Content written for Electric City


Most people like to be the best, have the best, and use the best, if they can.  We are no different. We Electrician Tulsa want to be the best electricians around.  But being the best is not easy. Just like being the best at anything else, it takes a lot of work to work your way to the top and also a lot of work to maintain that top position.  We are the top reviewed Electrical company in the Tulsa area, but it didn’t just happen overnight. It took years of hard work and dedication by our whole company.


We started as a small one man local company.  Our owner moved to Tulsa and started doing electrical work.  It didn’t take too long before people realized his hard work, fair prices, and superior customer service were far above many other electricians and customers kept calling him for their electrical needs and referring him to others.  Before long he had more work than he could handle on his own so he needed to hire employees to help him serve the people of Tulsa


Of course he wanted to make sure that he hired only the best employees who would have the same values such as integrity and hard work as he did.  They of course also had to be qualified to do the electrical work that would need to be done. Slowly and carefully he built his company and team by carefully only hiring the best people whom he could trust to serve customers just the way he did.  It takes a lot of trust to allow someone to work for you and trust them to handle all the details just the way you would do it. It took a long time, but today we have several employees that do excellent work, always with integrity, and great customer service.


The other side of the having a business is all of the behind the scenes that customers never see.  The paperwork, the billing, the phonecalls, and the supplies. Also payroll and insurance for our employees.  There is so many things that go into running a successful business that are not very noticeable, but if they were not there, then the business could not be a success.  Another element that has really helped would be the reviews that customers give and the marketing and referrals that we get by word of mouth.


Although starting a business is not easy, and requires a lot of hard work to get yourself to the top and stay there , it is worth it to us.  We receive great satisfaction taht customers repeatedly refer us to friends and family members. Taht is one of the greatest compliments that we can receive because it means that they are truly satisfied with our work, wichi is our main goal and objective when we have a customer.  So is it easy being the best of the best Electrician Tulsa electricians around? Of course it isn’t easy, but is it worth it? It is worth all that work to be the best.