Electrician Tulsa l Look for Cool People
Content written for Electric City

Have you ever heard of a great company and wanted to work for them to be a part of something
successful and great? Electrician Tulsa, Electric City, is that kind of company. We are a fast
growing and expanding company and we are always on the lookout for quality employees. In
order to keep up with a growing customer base and keep up with our existing customers, we are
in need of motivated, honest people who are willing to work hard and be compensated fully for
their contributions. It is the people we work with and work for that make our company
successful and thrive in the Tulsa and surrounding areas.
Of course most of the employees we are in need of hiring are qualified electricians. We are
after all, an Electrician Tulsa company, and so the greatest demand on employees would be for
our professional electricians. We do residential and commercial work. Small jobs at homes and
large bids for government and business. We have a large variety of work and offer great rates,
benefits and hours. IF you have your electrical license, but not much training there is nothing to
fear. We will train you until we know that you can handle any job that is put in front of you. You
won’t have to worry about being left on your own to figure things out. That is not our way and
we want our employees to be happy in their job, confident in their job, and not afraid to ask
questions and learn during their time working for us.
We are also on occasion looking for other people to employ positions, such as a personal
assistant, and data entry specialists. These jobs do not require a license or necessary
schooling ,but some computer knowledge is required and we will most definitely also provide the
necessary training that would be needed for either of these jobs. Some of the things that these
positions would also do would be follow up with customers about their jobs and their experience
and the job that we did for them. Find out if they were satisfied and what they thought we could
do better. There are not nearly as many positions available for position as there are for
electricians, but the more we grow that great demand we will have for positions like this as well.
There are many perks to working for us. We have great pay and benefits for those who meet
the requirements such as working at least 40+ hours a week and depending on their level of skill
and expertise. We also do not work national holidays , and we typically work 9-5 hours with a
few optional weekends and emergency after hour calls. We are very flexible and try to make all
our employees happy.
So if you think you might like working for Electrician Tulsa nad want to give it a try give us a call
or visit our website to find out how to apply. We are currently accepting applications for
electricians and will tell your if your have the necessary credentials that we are looking for.
Hope that you want to work for lsu and join a winning team.