Electrician Tulsa l I Pledge Allegiance to the Customers
Content written by Electric City

Have you ever been frustrated by a service that you paid for and then been ignored or snubbed
by the person or company that you paid to do that service? Have you ever bought a product
and been disappointed with its performance, or had it break altogether? These incidents and
experiences happen all the time with people all over the united states and probably beyond taht
as well. The problem is that many companies and people are only out to make a profit for
themselves and have forgotten what the words customer service really means. Or they have
forgotten what it means to put the customer first.
Electrician Tulsa employees, pledge taht we have not forgotten our customers and potential
customers. We will remember what it means to serve you and put your needs first. We are
committed to ensuring that your experience working with is is satisfactory from the beginning to
the end. To put this plan into action, we have a model that we train our staff and employees to
carry out on all service calls or in any situation where they are involved with a customer.
The plan in simple in terms, but not always easy to enforce or preform. We strive to treat all our
customers like we would want to be treated. This is not always easy because occasionally we
deal with some pretty cranky and disagreeable customers. But it helps that we have a system
that works well. First of all we are flexible. We know taht many people work and every has
busy lives so it is not always convenient to schedule appointments during the day. We have
after hours or weekend hours available. We will do our best to make it easy and convenient to
Once we get to your home to do repairs we are always prompt and punctual. If we are running
late we will keep you informed. Communication is a key element of customer service so we do
our part to keep you informed. We also answer our phone calls and return calls promptly when
we miss them. Before we do service we listen to the customers needs, give them an estimate
and answer any questions that you might have. If something comes up during our service call,
we will explain the issues before proceeding on the service to make sure that you want to
proceed because there might be additional costs or other problems.
Last we follow up with a phone call a few days later to make sure that everything is going well
and that you are happy with our performance. If you are less than satisfied, our owner will give
you a call directly to discuss your problems and see what he can do to help. All this makes us
one of the best rated Electrician Tulsa companies in Oklahoma nad we intend to keep it that
way by putting the needs of our customers first and making it our number one goal to keep them