Electrician Tulsa l Outlets
Content written for Electric City

Electricity is a vital part to any modern home. It makes things work from your lighting to all your
appliances. We all take it for granted, even the Electrician Tulsa experts take it for granted
when we are in our own homes. Have you ever been annoyed when a light goes out, or an
outlet won’t work? In many old homes, it is common to only have a few outlets throughout the
entire house. In new homes there are several outlets in each room, and cable hook ups, and
phone charging stations right in the wall.
It can be very annoying to not have enough outlets. Then you either have to buy a power strip
and risk tripping a breaker, or running long annoying and unsightly extension cords throughout
your house. One customer that Electrician Tulsa helped was frustrated that when she was
decorating for Christmas and putting lights and holley on her stairs there was no outlets on the
stairs or in any of the halls making it necessary to run extension cords to her bedroom across
the hall.
Another customer finally called us because her 3 daughters who shared a bathroom only had
one outlet in the whole bathroom and it had caused fighting and contention for years because
only two of them could plug in their hair dryers, or curling irons, or charge their toothbrushes, so
they were always fighting over which two could play the small appliances is and who had a turn
previously and so on and so forth. She finally had had enough and call use to install two new
outlets so that there was a total of three outlets and no more fighting.
The point is that installing outlets is a fairly simple and inexpensive job for us to do. It does
need to be done by a professional electrician, however it will not take a long time or cost a lot of
money is most cases. Most cases are straightforward and easy to add an outlet, but there are a
few which run into additional problems as you get into the wall especially if they are old and we
find that things are not up to code or that wires have become stiff and brittle and need to be
replaced because they are a fire hazard, in which case you would want to do more than just
install a couple of outlets to make sure that your family and home is safe.
So if your are having problems with outlet shortages , or just not having an outlet in the right
place, give us a call and see what we can do for your family. We can come out and get an idea
for what you are needing and see how difficult it will be. We will give you a free estimate and
timetable for how long it would take. Then we would be able to get an exact idea of how to
make your outlet access more suitable for your needs.