Electrician Tulsa l Reviews for Days
Content written for Electric City

Have you ever wondered why reviews are so important to companies? At Electrician Tulsa, we
can tell your why they mean so much to us. First of all it is the chance for our customers to tell
us exactly what they thought of our experience working with us. This gives a chance that we
can read what our customers say and what they really think about our customer service. They
can be honest and they can leave a review without worrying about what we are going to say and
in a no pressure situation.
Some people might think taht review are overrated, but they are not. We call our customers
after we service their electrical needs, and ask them about our experience with us. We as them
how their overall experience was. Were we friendly, courteous, and respectful? Did we fixed
the problem that we set out to fix? Were your satisfied by the work done by Electrician Tulsa?
If all of these questions can be answered by a 8,9, or 10 on a scale of 1-10, then we feel like we
have done our job, and most of our customers give us a 10!
Next we ask about anything that we can improve on in their experience working with us. If we
made mistakes or did something that our customers think we can improve on, then we want to
know. This might be the most important question we ask when we call customers for reviews.
We really value their honest input about how we can improve. We are all about making our
customers experience better, and if we can improve we want to know how. That is what we are
all about improving our customer service and what better way than to ask our customers how
we can improve. We take our customers suggestion seriously and if there’s ever a complaint,
we fix it, and our owner will personally call to resolve the problem to make is right.
Next we ask our customers if they would refer us to family members and friends. This is
important, because we need to know how we are valued. If a customer would refer us to a
family member then that means that they are comfortable with us and value what we did from
them. If you would tell a member of your family or a close friend that they should trust us with all
your electrical services that you might need, then we know that you trust us and that we have
done our job well. If you would not refer us, then we know we have work to do.
After all these questions, we ask our customers to give us a review, and a brief description of
their experience working with us. This is what other people see when they read our reviews on
the website and this can tell potential new customers all about us from a third party point of
view., which is what potential customers really need to see.