Electrician Tulsa l Good Timing for Lights
Content written for Electric City

Lighting in general is very important and often overlooked. But the truth of it is that many people
often don’t realize how many uses various kinds of lights can be. Of course there are the lights
in your home or business that provide the very light you use to see everything more clearly,
There are lights that are used for security that are motion sensored so that they turn on when
someone approaches. There are also landscape lights that can beautify your landscape or pool
area at night. These can be solar powered or powered by electricity like most other lights.
All of these useful lights can be set on a timer where they can turn on and off in whatever
increments of time that you want. At Electrician Tulsa, this can be very useful in many different
ways. When you are on vacation or not in your home for an extended period of time, it is nice to
have lights turning on and off occasionally to give the appearance that someone is home to
keep thieves away. They can also be nice when you are out late and want your home lit up by
the time you get home. Or if you forgot to turn of lights then they will turn off on their own when
the timer goes off.
Another useful purpose of timed lights is for pools or landscape use. It is nice to have your
outdoor living area lit up at night, but it is very inconvenient to have to go out to turn off all the
lights or if you forget you end up lighting up your outdoor living area all night and wasting a lot of
energy which will cost you money. If you have your outdoor lights on timers, then you will not
have to worry about turning them on and off nightly.
You can also use these timer lights in your business to keep unwanted guests away such as
pests like skunks, racoons, possums, and many other Oklahoma native creatures. They can
also keep thieves and kids who are up to no good away. They can provide the needed light
when you need it, but not be on all the time. If you leave a few lights on your office will be much
safer, especially if they appear to be different lights on at various times.
Timed lights are relatively easy for a professional at Electrician Tulsa to install. It is also
possible to install a timer on most existing lights that you might have. They are also useful in
children’s room as night lights that will stay on while they are awake but then turn off after they
fall asleep. If you are interested in converting your lights to being on a timer or just having new
lights installed, then give us a call and we can make those changes for your right away. It is
never too late to make your home or business a brighter and more energy efficient place.