Electrician Tulsa l Content written for Electric City.

Many of the jobs we do at Electrician Tulsa involve updating people’s homes and businesses.
Are you in need of updated electrical systems? One thing that can really help you make your
life easier and a lot more convenient is to update all the old outlets in your existing home or
business to the newer and more practical USB outlets. This does not require a lot of work, but
should still be done by a professional at Electrician Tulsa because there is still a risk of electric
shock because you are working with live wiring.
The average house has about 30 outlets including all the outlets for appliances and wall outlets.
A few years ago electric suppliers started selling new and advanced electrical outlet boxes that
include the normal wall plug as usual, but also have USB capabilities in the same outlet. These
days there are so many devices that depend on USB power outlets to charge. Among these are
phones, tablets, Ipads, batteries, just to name a few of the most common ones.
Are you tired of always losing your phone charger plug in or having your kids take it? If you
were to have a USB outlet right in the wall you wouldn’t have to worry about the actual plug in
device any longer. Just simply plug in the cable to all the wall outlet and you are done. Before
long you will have your phone or tablet or device fully charged without all the headache of
finding a plugin that will support your USB cord to charge. It is so easy and only requires
usually one appointment for you to come and update all your Electrical outlets or as many as
you want su to come change.
The first step is to decide how many electrical outlets you want to have USB charging
capabilities. Do you want all your out lets changed? Would you be satisfied with just a few?
Then give us a call and tell us how many you would like changed, and the color and size. We
will order the necessary parts and outlets and call you when we are ready to install them. It is
most likely that we will have the parts already instock and be able to schedule you in just a few
short days or maybe even the same day depending on our schedule and yours. Once the
scheduling done we can come over and get to work. In just a few short hours your home will be
updated to the top of the line, latest outlets throughout your home. You will be surprised at how
convenient it is and how such a small change will make your life so much easier.
The best part of this whole process is that it is a very simple procedure and not expensive at all.
IT is one of the few changes that will make such a difference for so little cost, but don’t wait
around or you will be missing out on your chance to make your life so much better.